anthology of an omnivore well-versed in food.

Permalink you know how sometimes you walk in a restaurant and are like “oooh, they get me, they know what i like/want!”? this was Mile End Deli for me, recently.

super adorable, cozy little space with a perfect amount of sunshine streaming in. open kitchen, delicious foods & friendly staff. bagels fresh from montreal! and oh, the poutine, mmm. we also got pickled veggies and Loverbeer lol. 

i need to visit Montreal, for realsies.
Permalink made fish tacos with my boo last night; wild-caught norwegian cod, mmm. also, corn w/ shaved manchego. 
love going out to eat, but cooking at home once in awhile is so nice :)
Permalink amazing brunch at Buttermilk Channel, well worth the hour wait.

my hungover man and i splitsied a bunch of goodies including jelly donuts, fancy pickles, a banana walnut sticky bun, short rib hash and the most fat-kid amazing entree ever: the fried pork chop & cheddar waffle. 

everything was delicious, but this brunch maybe took a year off my life.
Permalink my fellow midwest expats here in brooklyn threw a midwest potluck-themed party to introduce our east coast pals to this tradition from home. my first time making tater tot hot dish!

super fun and lots of unhealthy, processed foods to eat including:
-pigs in a blanket
-cheese curds
-chips and dip
-pickle spears wrapped in cream cheese and corned beef
-broccoli and cauliflower w/ Velveeta dip
-banana bread
-tater tot hotdish (with bacon Jesus cross)
-cheesy lasagna
-2 amazing Jello salads
-pizza rolls
-sherbet punch (spiked) 
-not pictured: mac n cheese, scotcheroos, bars, food comas.
Permalink i hate the term “foodie,” but i love food - thus i enjoyed this piece on First We Feast where they talked to food writers/chefs about this terrible word and discussed alt names. 
Andrew Zimmern: “It’s awful. It diminishes and undervalues the very people it’s meant to applaud and makes the user look foolish for not speaking proper English. Someone who loves food can be called a gastronaut (hipster) or a gourmet (classic) , or how about food lover…or anything else, for all I care.”
Adam Rapaport: “And then there is the issue of who is and who isn’t a foodie? Do you have to pass an exam? Do you need to go get your passport photo taken? Do you need to renew your foodie license every couple of years?”
i like the term gastronaut, mostly b/c it sounds like astronaut. for the record, i just say “i love food.”
Permalink Los Angeles for a quick shoot, some stellar new restaurants (well, new to me)!
Tar & Roses (pictured): we ordered a lot, but my favorites were the gnocchi, sunchoke, squash and duck.Sugarfish: all good. adorable take-out boxes.Urth Caffe: did you know they have a matcha tiramisu? mmm.
Permalink spent a week in Dallas, TX shooting a new spot for Springhill Suites. pictured above are the adorable SHS-branded cupcakes our craft services lady put out for us :)
production eats were out of control, per usual. thanks ex-Texan friends for all your reccos! here were some of my favorite spots:
-Hattie’s (southern & classy)-Mi Cocina (tex mex and mambo taxis!! that would be frozen margaritas mixed with sangria.)-Fearing’s (fancypants)-Bolsa (ooh the cocktail menu!!)-Oddfellows (favorite, also slightly reminded me of a more modern, cheery Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls)
so much good food enjoyed with great people, now it’s time for a post-production detox!
Permalink spent 4th of july weekend in minneapolis, so much happiness. food highlights include:
-snacks & champagne + grilling on a friend’s boat (combining my interests!)-rooftop drinks, apps & catching up w/ the Daily crew at moto-i -tasty breakfast w/ my bestie at Wise Acre (CSA Hash, yes)-day drinking w/ buds at Cafe Maude
and last, but not least, cooking and enjoying the pictured spread in c’s backyard:-cucumber salad-veggie curry-normal rice + cauliflower rice-socca-wine-talenti bars (not pictured)
happy, fun times with my favsies!
Permalink spent the past week in Costa Rica, eating every delicious thing i could find. our resort’s restaurant had AMAZING food (fresh fish e’rryday), but the most exciting thing was getting taken to a little local place (panaderia cabuya) by our hiking guide and driver and ordering this amazing casado con pescado and pineapple passionfruit smoothie. so fresh, delicious and cheap; we ate in the back patio with chickens running around and iguanas crawling around on the roof.
also, mangoes fresh off the trees are perfection.
Permalink spring produce is here! last week i was so excited about produce, i made an asparagus, green bean and pea salad w/ lemon zest dressing. today i made some mini quiches with my leftover ingredients + spinach + mushrooms. so much delicious greenery.
on the flipside, spring = allergies = terrible. i think allergies are a parental ploy to get me to move back to the midwest.
unrelated to spring, but related to deliciousness, try the pecan pie smoothie from this fun site, lookbook cookbook.
Permalink every few months or so i find myself craving Chipotle. since I already had a handful of key ingredients from other meals last week, I figured I could throw together a burrito bowl without Chipotle’s assistance (and their silly extra charge for guac).
super easy, really hit the spot, and i had enough left over to bring for lunch!
not like anyone really needs a recipe, but here’s what i used in mine:-brown rice-Cuban black beans (canned, from Trader Joe’s)-spinach/baby kale mix -pico de gallo-guacamole-pepper/onion strips (also TJs, note their awesome grill marks)-chicken breast strips (you could omit these for a veggie/vegan spin, it’d be just as satisfying)
*cute glass storage bowl from Fishs Eddy